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Our Story:  

The Evolution of The Nursing Lady Kitten Rescue

The Nursing Lady is a volunteer organization in the Mobile area.  This project started with two ladies who were searching for a feeling of purpose and a little household hobby.  We rapidly became known as the CRAZY CAT LADIES and soon it was litter-ally raining kittens and puppies at our homes.


We receive calls almost daily from people who find kittens in their garages, gardens, boats, etc.  If at all possible every effort is made to find the mothers and reunite them with their litters, but unfortunately that effort is frequently to no avail.  A large number of our babies come from litters whose mother was ill, too young, or killed and unable to nurse to completion. 


The vast number of orphaned newborns in this area has astounded us and further fueled our desire to help these creatures.  During the spring the numbers are vast, much more than we and other local rescue groups can handle.


THE NURSING LADY and CATS ART GALLERY remember LINDA TRASK, whose passion to feed these kittens was the beginning of our rescue.  She died shortly after we started, declaring that this was the best purpose she had fulfilled.



4310 Old Shell Road, Mobile, Alabama 36608


This gallery combines a love of ART (a collection of cat art from approximately 60 artists), gifts for the cat lover, the personal studio of owner and artist, Shery Polansky (the Nursing Lady), instructional videos on bottle feeding rescued kittens, a showroom of kittens ‘on the bottle’ and an  open forum available for animal rescuers to meet, greet and learn from one another.

“I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man.”  

- M. Ghandi (1869-1948)

How Can You Help?

SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS.  Encourage everyone around you to do the same.  Should you see a feral colony developing around your area --seek the help of your local trap-neuter-release programs.  Uncontrolled breeding within colonies causes 80% of our babies to be orphaned in the first place.


DONATE SUPPLIES:  Local bottle feeders in your area are ALWAYS in need of heating pads, plastic crates, receiving blankets, tissues, baby wipes, liquid vitamins, evaporated milk, aluminum pans, baby shampoo and money for vet visits and medicines.


“What you do for the least of mine, you do for me”….Matthew 25:40

VOLUNTEERS:  Can you take a litter into your home for approximately 3 weeks?  With our instruction you could become a foster nursery yourself.  (Round the clock feedings are actually rare)  If you are not local to us, check with your local spca or shelter and rescues.  Bottle feeders are always in short supply in most areas

PUBLIC EDUCATION:    Do you have a group of school age children gathered for a period of time?  Let CATS host a field trip for them! We will give a brief presentation on how and what to do to rescue and bottle-feed a kitten.  We will offer a slide show presentation for you at no charge.  During Kitten season, we will even have hands-on kittens to feed   Let's work together to teach future generations about loving and caring for the animals entrusted to us!

ADOPTEES:  Kittens never leave CATS Studio until they reach 2 pounds and are spay/neutered.  Sav-A-Stray has pretty much taken over the rescue kittens.   They do a tremendous amount of veterinary care to make sure that these kittens are healthy, vaccinated and unable to breed.  In return they ask for a ninety dollar adoption fee and accept applications for placement.


If  you want a special bond with your pet . . . adopt a Nursing Lady orphan.  You can almost pick your color and sex, watch it grow daily and take over the final days of bottle feeding to develop a closeness that is irreplaceable with most pets.  Call us today to arrange  your adoption.

DONATE:  Rescued Kittens require a great deal of care and supplies, including Veterinarian care, food, cat litter, Cat Milk Replacer (KMR), Spaying and Neutering (including the feral mothers when we are able to identify them), linens, bottles, heating pads, advertising for adoptions, etc.  While a portion of all of the proceeds of our CATS Art Gallery sales go to the Kitten Rescue, we also welcome additional donations even without a purchase.  Whether you would like to donate $10 or $200, every little bit helps us save the lives of our precious kittens.  Our DONATE button will take you to Paypal to complete your donation.  Click DONATE and help save a kitten today.  

Our Special Thanks

CATS ART RESCUE and THE NURSING LADY are deeply indebted to the generosity of Dr. Daniel Polansky, who has given of his Time, Money, Patience, Medical Expertise and Love to help with our Kitten Rescue.  He has had many late meals and offered many times a shoulder to carry the load of this effort.


A special thank you, also, to all who have given time, money and supplies to The Nursing Lady Kitten Rescue and those who have assisted in adoptions.  There are too many to name!   You know who you are and please know how valuable you are!


This is where we would tell people what an amazing experience it has been adopting a rescue kitten from CATS Art Rescue!


Adopted six week old kitten

CATS Art Rescue is the ideal place for the cat lover! Cats and kittens everywhere in this store, from antiques to gift items to actual kittens hiding among the shelves!  Purrrrrfect place to love on cats while you shop in a store all about CATS!


Mobile, AL

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