14” strap
CATS is so very proud to be blessed by Sheila Guy of Essie Gee Designs!  She has made CATS RESCUE her PASSION!  Her seamstress and creative skills are un-paralled and fantastic!  She is also a MASTER at RE-CYCLE!
       Each bag is a RE-CYCLED 'DANS' TIE!  (Thank you Dr. Dan for your continued support of the Nursing Lady!~~)  Each purse is lined and has a velcro closure.  Tagged with CATS ART RESCUE special tag!  Straps are as shown.  Some have embroidered faces, some are embellished with jewels and have movable whiskers!
         You must have a KITTY KIT-TIE,  they are absolutely THE CAT'S MEOW!  All Proceeds go the The Nursing Lady, bottle feeding orphaned newborns for fifteen years!~

"KITTY KIT-TIE" Bag by Essie Gee Designs