5” short strap

CATS is so very proud to be blessed by Sheila Guy of Essie Gee Designs! She has made CATS RESCUE her PASSION! Her seamstress and creative skills are un-paralled and fantastic! She is also a MASTER at RE-CYCLE!Each bag is a RE-CYCLED 'DANS' TIE! (Thank you Dr. Dan for your continued support of the Nursing Lady!~~) Each purse is lined and has a velcro closure. Tagged with CATS ART RESCUE special tag! Straps are as shown. Some have embroidered faces, some are embellished with jewels and have movable whiskers!You must have a KITTY KIT-TIE, they are absolutely THE CAT'S MEOW! All Proceeds go the The Nursing Lady, bottle feeding orphaned newborns for fifteen years!~

"KITTY KIT-TIE" Bag by Essie Gee Designs